One of this or one of that.

There are several things to report on, but nothing funny. I was holding off for something funny to come along, but it's just not happening. Probably because I just sit here and play the Sims all day, and I think they're funny, but you don't. Necessarily.

First and foremost, I got a job. It's with a technological (?) company that needs someone to revamp their inventory, assigning barcodes and updating the system. This sounds like A+++ fun to me, but I know that it comes off as boring. I'll know for certain which it is on Wednesday, which is my first official day on the job. I got the job through a career finding service at my school's website. It's essentially; and since I think Monster sucks, I'd never used it before. I think I sent about 7 résumés in last Sunday. A lady from this company called me Monday morning and asked me to come in and interview that afternoon. So I did, and she was fabulous and the place was fabulous, and I just felt really good there. She showed me around, and everything just felt really right, if that makes any sense. She promised to call me by Tuesday afternoon and let me know one way or the other if I got the job. (Actually, her exact words were, "I'll call you irregardless of whether or not we'll be needing you." I'm just going to pretend that she didn't say irregardless because 1) UGH and 2) She's really awesome and I clicked with her I think.) The job is only a summer thing, but I think if I win them over with my charm they'll beg me to stay.

Second, Shark, a friend, and I went to see Star Wars III last week. It was pretty bad, but mostly enjoyable to watch. I think. I don't really have much to say about it; I left the theatre feeling sort of disappointed. You might be thinking, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Or not. But if you've seen the movie, that NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! was what killed it for me.

Third, Shark and I saw a couple of really spectacular movies over the past few days. Two days ago, we saw Eulogy. It's got a pretty rotten rating at that link, but I liked it better than Star Wars. It was A++ comedy platinum to me. My favorite line was when Ray Romano was talking about their creepy next door neighbor growing up, Mr. Grabby. "Mr. Grabby would do this thing where he'd put his hand on your shoulder and say, 'You're it.' But he wouldn't go anywhere. Creepy." You'd probably have to see his face when he said it, so go rent the movie. It was hilarious.

The other movie I can't recommend enough; it's one of those that just stays with you. Crash just... there aren't any words for it, I don't think. It was amazing and sad and beautiful and sweet at times. There were actually parts where I just bawled. In fact, if you don't cry till you're choking for air in certain parts, I think you probably don't have a soul. If you click on that link, you'll see the part I'm talking about. I think my favorite little subplot did concern the Mexican man, Daniel Ruiz, and his daughter. He moves his family into a better neighborhood after a bullet goes whizzing through his daughter's bedroom. (Drive by shooting? Probably. It doesn't really explain.) The daughter (sooooooo cute) is still afraid so sleeps under her bed. But Daniel tells her about this invisible cloak that a fairy gave him when he was five that was to keep him safe until he had a daughter who turned five. But he was dumb! He forgot to give it to her on her birthday. That scene is so cute and sweet, I got teary then, too. And nothing sad was happening.

I had seen Matt Dillon giving an interview about this movie, and he said his character was rascist. And he was pretty nasty, all the way up to sexually harassing Thandie Newton when he pulled her and her husband over just for being black. What he didn't say was that basically every one in this movie is rascist. Oh! And Sandra Bullock? What a bitch. I really kinda dug her character, too. I'd never seen her play anyone like that before.

There were some weird pairings in this movie. Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser. Larenz Tate and Ludacris. Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillippe (I really wish we'd seen more of them together.) The movie doesn't really go into those personal relationships too much, because I think that would just feel odd. It's more of how these people react to situations around them. It's really interesting. Also, watch out for really tiny parts played by Tony Danza and Keith David. And then if there is a main character, he'd be Don Cheadle. And I don't really have to say anything about him that you probably haven't read somewhere else. Or seen for yourself. He's just so awesome. (Favorite line? "I can't talk right now, Mom. I'm having sex with a white woman!")


Fourth, we got a new kitten yesterday. Shark and I are becoming crazy cat people. She's our third cat now. We can't decide on a name. He keeps calling her Little Rumbly because she's so loud when she purrs. It's also been suggested that we call her Booger. She's a tuxedo cat, and she got a smudge of black on her mostly white nose. Hence, Booger. Who knows.

Ah. Is that all? Unless you want to hear about my Sims and how the granddaughter is having her uncle's baby ("Alabama Sims!" Porn Star said), I think that's all for now.

Au revoir.


Anonymous um, sparklehead? said...

I hate the Sims.

Mon May 30, 04:05:00 PM PDT

Blogger deadpanann said...

Alabama Sims! That's TOO MUCH!

I'm sort of a cat person too, although I've only got one. She's a calico (or tortoise-shell? WHatever you prefer) and she was abandoned by her mother on a rooftop in Gulfport, Mississippi when she was less than 3 weeks old. Anyway she just sort of came to me as a kitten and 3 years later I'm still in love. Her name is Millay. As in the poet. It was a good name for her considering that the poet's rep is for being beautiful, brilliant, unattainable, and slightly slutty. I wanted to get another kitten and almost did, but held off because I wasn't sure I could afford the spaying or neutering, etc., and now I'm glad I waited because staying with my parents temporarily would've sucked more if I'd had to bring TWO cats. Congrats on the addition to the family. I don't like the name booger, but I think that's because a woman I know has a Boston Terrier named Booger--the woman is a bigger bitch than the dog. You know how that works with names...okay shutting up now.

Tue May 31, 04:37:00 PM PDT

Blogger Rachel Croucher said...

booger, definitely go with booger.

with Crash I thought you meant Cronenberg's piece of crap, but I'll have to see this one

btw., BOOGER!!!

Wed Jun 01, 08:06:00 PM PDT

Blogger Cunning Linguist said...

To Booger or not to Booger?

So far we've been calling her Lil' Bit. Which would be a good nickname, I think. But she needs something less nicknamey for her real name.

We're still working on it.

I can't recommend Crash enough.

Thu Jun 02, 04:24:00 AM PDT

Blogger Rachel Croucher said...


Mon Jun 06, 01:57:00 AM PDT

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