One of this or one of that.

There are several things to report on, but nothing funny. I was holding off for something funny to come along, but it's just not happening. Probably because I just sit here and play the Sims all day, and I think they're funny, but you don't. Necessarily.

First and foremost, I got a job. It's with a technological (?) company that needs someone to revamp their inventory, assigning barcodes and updating the system. This sounds like A+++ fun to me, but I know that it comes off as boring. I'll know for certain which it is on Wednesday, which is my first official day on the job. I got the job through a career finding service at my school's website. It's essentially; and since I think Monster sucks, I'd never used it before. I think I sent about 7 résumés in last Sunday. A lady from this company called me Monday morning and asked me to come in and interview that afternoon. So I did, and she was fabulous and the place was fabulous, and I just felt really good there. She showed me around, and everything just felt really right, if that makes any sense. She promised to call me by Tuesday afternoon and let me know one way or the other if I got the job. (Actually, her exact words were, "I'll call you irregardless of whether or not we'll be needing you." I'm just going to pretend that she didn't say irregardless because 1) UGH and 2) She's really awesome and I clicked with her I think.) The job is only a summer thing, but I think if I win them over with my charm they'll beg me to stay.

Second, Shark, a friend, and I went to see Star Wars III last week. It was pretty bad, but mostly enjoyable to watch. I think. I don't really have much to say about it; I left the theatre feeling sort of disappointed. You might be thinking, "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Or not. But if you've seen the movie, that NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! was what killed it for me.

Third, Shark and I saw a couple of really spectacular movies over the past few days. Two days ago, we saw Eulogy. It's got a pretty rotten rating at that link, but I liked it better than Star Wars. It was A++ comedy platinum to me. My favorite line was when Ray Romano was talking about their creepy next door neighbor growing up, Mr. Grabby. "Mr. Grabby would do this thing where he'd put his hand on your shoulder and say, 'You're it.' But he wouldn't go anywhere. Creepy." You'd probably have to see his face when he said it, so go rent the movie. It was hilarious.

The other movie I can't recommend enough; it's one of those that just stays with you. Crash just... there aren't any words for it, I don't think. It was amazing and sad and beautiful and sweet at times. There were actually parts where I just bawled. In fact, if you don't cry till you're choking for air in certain parts, I think you probably don't have a soul. If you click on that link, you'll see the part I'm talking about. I think my favorite little subplot did concern the Mexican man, Daniel Ruiz, and his daughter. He moves his family into a better neighborhood after a bullet goes whizzing through his daughter's bedroom. (Drive by shooting? Probably. It doesn't really explain.) The daughter (sooooooo cute) is still afraid so sleeps under her bed. But Daniel tells her about this invisible cloak that a fairy gave him when he was five that was to keep him safe until he had a daughter who turned five. But he was dumb! He forgot to give it to her on her birthday. That scene is so cute and sweet, I got teary then, too. And nothing sad was happening.

I had seen Matt Dillon giving an interview about this movie, and he said his character was rascist. And he was pretty nasty, all the way up to sexually harassing Thandie Newton when he pulled her and her husband over just for being black. What he didn't say was that basically every one in this movie is rascist. Oh! And Sandra Bullock? What a bitch. I really kinda dug her character, too. I'd never seen her play anyone like that before.

There were some weird pairings in this movie. Sandra Bullock and Brendan Fraser. Larenz Tate and Ludacris. Matt Dillon and Ryan Phillippe (I really wish we'd seen more of them together.) The movie doesn't really go into those personal relationships too much, because I think that would just feel odd. It's more of how these people react to situations around them. It's really interesting. Also, watch out for really tiny parts played by Tony Danza and Keith David. And then if there is a main character, he'd be Don Cheadle. And I don't really have to say anything about him that you probably haven't read somewhere else. Or seen for yourself. He's just so awesome. (Favorite line? "I can't talk right now, Mom. I'm having sex with a white woman!")


Fourth, we got a new kitten yesterday. Shark and I are becoming crazy cat people. She's our third cat now. We can't decide on a name. He keeps calling her Little Rumbly because she's so loud when she purrs. It's also been suggested that we call her Booger. She's a tuxedo cat, and she got a smudge of black on her mostly white nose. Hence, Booger. Who knows.

Ah. Is that all? Unless you want to hear about my Sims and how the granddaughter is having her uncle's baby ("Alabama Sims!" Porn Star said), I think that's all for now.

Au revoir.


White Noise

Shark said to me, "If you ever try to talk to me through the TV, I'm just going to turn it off."

Alone in the Dark

It is time once again for a thrilling movie review! I've mentioned before how I hate movies, but Shark loves them so every now and then I have to do my wifely duty and watch a movie with him. This past weekend, it happened to be "Alone in the Dark" (which has received one of the lowest ratings of all time at Rotten Tomatoes - 1%).

I realized something this weekend while watching this movie as well. Shark ridicules movies mercilessly, even without seeing them. But then he actually does want to see them. I wondered why he wastes hours of his life watching movies that he knows are bad before he even begins to watch them. But then I thought, "I watch seriously bad TV all the time." I love bad TV. "7th Heaven" is one of my favorite shows to watch; it is so easy to snark on and there is not a single character trait represented that is admirable. I love it, despite the fact that it makes me want to kill myself or the people on the show almost every week. So it's not so different, right? I mean, with TV you have familiarity; watching bad movies isn't so different from watching bad TV. My only problem is I simply don't have the attention span to watch movies anymore. Plus, they all seem to be about how much money was spent making them, which usually detracts from the overall quality of the movie. At least with "7th Heaven" I can expect craptastic guest stars whose debtors are hounding them and product placed Brenda Brand everything (in reference to Brenda Hampton, aka Satan, aka creator of "7th Heaven.") Oh, and there's always the thrill of MST3King a movie.

Oh, right. Back to the review. I think this movie will best be summed up with short sentences and paragraphs.

Tara Reid had one line in the entire movie, "It's Abskani." That's because if she talked anymore, her cover as an anthropologist would have been blown.

Christian Slater is in dire need of money. This was a disgrace for him. He should've stayed in the 80's and early 90's.

Stephen Dorff is, as Shark put it, "The sidekick in every science fiction movie, ever." I'll take his word for it. I would also venture to guess that every sidekick he plays is the same character over and over again. You know the one. The one with a chip on his shoulder, but he really just wants to do the right thing.

The acting in this movie sucked. I know these guys have more in them than what they put into this movie. The storyline sucked. The creatures sucked. The fighting sucked. The whole damn thing sucked. What a suck ass movie. I don't think I can use suck enough to describe it.

Oh, and it was dark practically the whole time. I guess that was supposed to be scary. Get it? Yeah, I didn't care either.

All that said, I had fun watching it and snarking on it with Shark. We'll be watching "White Noise" either this evening or tomorrow evening. I am expecting no less than a similar "Alone in the Dark" experience.


A Bit of This and a Bit of That

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not updating more frequently. Life has been very hectic here lately, and not in the fun way. I've gotten comments from a few people who have stumbled upon this blog, and I'm slowly catching up on reading theirs as well. It's a hard process, what with having one exploding computer after another.

Oh, and there were finals. I'm done with school for the semester. I'm not sure how everything will turn out in that respect, but at least I'm done and I don't much care beyond that. In the middle of doing my major take-home final (intense essay test), my computer went into an infinite loop of rebooting. I think the power supply went KAPLOOEY. Anyway, it was an old computer anyway and it had been giving me some other problems as well. So I bought a new one. Which didn't work. So I exchanged it for a different one (same model, just with a working video driver). But it's had its problems, too. I do not trust that, in the current state, it also won't explode. I hope that if it does explode that it will happen within the next few days so I can exchange within the 14 day period.

Since school is over, I am now unemployed as well. This is starting to scare me, because I am hungry. Sure, I have another paycheck coming in from the TA job, but my job hunts have been on the more than negative side of worthwhile. I filled out so many applications the other day that my hand fell off and I had to have it reattached. I'm not asking for much. I even applied at Starbucks, and despite my previous coffee-drink making experience, they were not interested. It could be because one of the questions on the application said, "What do you like about coffee?" Besides being the single most stupid question to ever appear on any application on the history of mankind, I still had to answer it. I gave it the response it deserved, "What's not to like about coffee?"

I did apply at the temp agency, and while they said I was an excellent candidate, their response as I left their office Friday morning was grim. "We'll give ya a call if something becomes available." If? That's disheartening.

I'm in this state of disbelieving shock at the moment. No school, no job, and possibly no computer. I mean, I have a computer right now, but who knows how long it will stay functioning.

And the funk continues...


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